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Thumping Noise In Dryer

My matag neptune dryer is making a thumping noise on each revolution.Sounds like there could be more than one source of the problem.My main problem is i dont know how to disassemble this dryer.All web help videos dont show this model which has the controls on the front of the dryer.

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  • Dryer Is Making A Loud Squealing Or Grinding Noise

    Fourth, consider the idler pulley.Tension is created in dryer belts by pulleys like the idler pulley.The idler pulley rotates at high speed and may fail due to friction over time.A squeaking or squealing noise will be heard and can progress to a loud scraping or thumping noise as time goes by.

  • Dryer Makes Noise How To Fix A Dryer

    The blower wheel draws air through the dryer and pushes the air out the vent.Clumps of lint, socks, and small articles of clothing can escape the lint filter and get caught in the blower wheel.Object is caught in the blower wheel, the dryer may make noise.In addition, the blower wheel sleeve can wear out, allowing the blower wheel.

  • Dryer Repair Tip Dont Ignore A Noisy Dryer Freds

    Dryer repair tip dont ignore a noisy dryer freds appliance october 22, 2015 parts , service leave a comment whether your clothes dryer is making a grinding, squealing, or thumping noise, the unfamiliar sound is a good indication your appliance is experiencing a malfunction.

  • Video Flattened Roller Causes Thumping Noise

    Video flattened roller causes thumping noise - product.

  • Dryer Thumping Lg Community Forum

    My dryer is brand new.It makes a thumping sound while running.Its a constant rhythm, just like the rhythm of a heartbeat.It never stops until the cycle is over.I turned it on while empty and it still does it.The installer checked that it was installed properly.I have never heard a dryer make this noise.You can hear it across the house.

  • Dryer Thumping Noise Appliance Repair Forum

    I have a lg tromm dle2512w electric clothes dryer that is making a thumping noise in the front just below the door.I have taken the dryer apart and have found nothing loose or wobbling.The part that i think was making the noise is related to the lint blower housing that is located in this area because i felt the front while it was running and.

  • Dryer Makes A Thumping Noiseot Real Loud But D

    Dryer makes a thumping noise.Not real loud but definitely noticeable.Is this normal learn about lg - 7.9-cycle electric dryer - white with 2 answers best buy.

  • Video Dryer Thumping Sound Dryer Is Unlevel

    Video dryer thumping sound - dryer is unlevel - product.

  • Why Is My Speed Queen Dryer Making A Thumping

    Why is the screen turning black in the back of the dryer do i have to pay for a trip charge, even though the machine is under warranty why does my dryer stay at 10 minutes for more than 10 minutes why is my speed queen dryer making a thumping noise i see a lot of offers for speed queen machines online.Does speed queen recommend buying online.

  • Fixed Amana Electric Dryer Thumping Drum

    Fixed amana electric dryer - thumping drum - fixed.Thread starter amanadrum start date dec 7, 2012 tags drum dryer noise split thump weld a.Amanadrum premium member.Joined jan 14, 2008 messages 2 location west coast.

  • Thumping Shoe Sound From Empty Dryer Ask Me

    Thumping shoe sound from empty dryer.One was lose, after tightening it the thump noise stopped.This is my second dryer of this type my first was labeled sears and was much more quiet but the bearings failed after 9-10 years of use.I like the controls on the front so i.

  • Kenmore Dryer Dryer Makes Noise Repair Parts

    The blower wheel draws air through the dryer and pushes the air out the vent.Clumps of lint, socks, and small articles of clothing can escape the lint filter and get caught in the blower wheel.Object is caught in the blower wheel, the dryer may make noise.In addition, the blower wheel sleeve can wear out, allowing the blower wheel.

  • My Ge Dryer Makes A Thumping Sound When Drying A

    Ok the dryer tub at the front of the dryer rides on a plastic bearing and the bearing has slides on top of it, when those wear out the dryer will make all kinds of noise including a thumping sound as you are describing, click here for image of parts diagram showing bearing you will want to take it apart and check the bearing for cracks or damage if it is showing damage just replace it.

  • Why Is My Dryer Making A Loud Noise Dryer Not

    They will then make a somewhat of a roaring noise this noise can sometimes be heard very well right outside the house where your dryer vent is located.You can inspect your blower fan for cracks, if you see any cracks, replace it.Idler pulley sometimes the idler pulley can be causing a thumping noise or a screeching noise.

  • Help My Dryer Is Making Loud Noises Puls

    A high-pitched squealing noise can also be caused from a bad bearing, bushing, winding or switch on the motor.The motor turns the dryer drum and operates the blower to dry the clothes.You can isolate the sound by unplugging the dryer and removing the blower wheel or drum belt through the front access panel.Once youve determined the noise is coming from the motor, you should contact a.

  • 4 Strange Sounds Your Dryer Might Make And Why

    A thumping sound if you just hear occasional thumping sounds, you probably dont have anything to worry about.Clothes can sometimes form into clumpy balls as they tumble in the dryer.The ball of clothes can generate a thumping sound as it tumbles within the drum.

  • I Have A Lg Dryer That Is Making A Thumping Noise With

    The thumping noise that repeats at a regular interval, could be caused by two problems that i have run into on my past service calls.The most common issue that i have run across is a bad belt that has a broken section but has not broken yet.

  • Lg Dryer Thumping Noise Lg Usa Support

    Lg dryer - thumping noise narrator if your dryer is located in a cold area, not frequently used, or a load is left in the dryer for an extended period of time, you may hear a thumping noise when you start a new drying cycle.Please note that this is normal.

  • Metal Grinding Noises In A Dryer Hunker

    Normally a clothes dryer wont produce any sort of grinding noise when it operates.If your dryer starts making a grinding noise, pause it mid-cycle and dont reset it until you figure out whats producing the sound.Choosing to ignore it and continuing to use it only puts your dryer.

  • Why Is My New He3 Elite Dryer Making A Thumping

    Usually the thumping noise will go away after the drum warms up.The thumping noise is most likely caused by flat spots on the drum support rollers from where the drum has been sitting idle since it was manufactured.If the dryer was sold with a full warranty, i recommend calling a service technician to replace the support rollers.

  • Dryer Makes Noise Causes How To Fix A Noisy Dryer

    So, why is my dryer making loud noises noise cause 1 drive belt.A belt is used to rotate the drum on both gas and electric dryers.The long, thin belt wraps completely around the drum, tension pulley and drive motor.With age and use, the drive belt can dry out, become frayed and even separate to cause a thumping noise every time the.

  • Solved Dryer Makes Thumping Sound Kenmore

    Drive belt if the dryer makes noise, the belt may be frayed or damaged.If the belt is damaged, it will make noise every time it travels around the pulleys.The drive belt is a long, narrow band that wraps around the entire drum, then around a tension pulley and the motor pulley.- kenmore elite he3 dryer.

  • How To Fix Noisy Dryer Dryer Repair

    A noisy dryer may seem like a daunting repair, but fixing your own appliance is actually pretty easy.The toughest part is figuring out what dryer part is the problem.Weve created a list of the most common parts that can cause noise in a dryer.

  • Lg Dryer Thumping Noise Dryertech

    Lg dryer thumping noise dryers make noise.Some more than others and this can have an affect on the household depending on the location of the dryer and the type of dryer you are using.But sometimes a strange occurrence happens that really ups the noise level to a point that something needs to be done.Dryers use drums to tumble the clothes.

  • Sounds Or Noises In A Dryer Product Help Maytag

    Thumping noise a form of thumping can occur when the load is twisted or balled up.Laundry items with large amounts of fabric, such as sheets, curtains, tablecloths and bedspreads, can roll into a ball in the dryer.This ball of fabric may thump and may cause the dryer to vibrate.To reduce this, add these large items loosely into the dryer.